One of the many reasons to love Winnipeg is for it’s many parks and trails located in all major areas of interest. You can explore the City of Winnipeg whether you are biking, skating, running, or walking  through the great parks. Check out City of Winnipeg’s Naturalist Services web

The following information can be found on the City of Winnipeg’s official city website. Click here to learn more about the community parks in your area.  

Explore all of Winnipeg’s Parks and Trails The City of Winnipeg’s Official website click here.

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Sunday/Holiday Bike Route Street Closure:
The City of Winnipeg’s program for summer Sunday/Holiday Bike Route Street Closures currently includes:

  1. Scotia/St. Cross Streets between Armstrong Avenue and St. John’s Avenue,
  2. Wolseley Avenue between Raglan Road and Maryland Street, Wellington Crescent
  3. Harrow Street and Doncaster Street, and Lyndale Drive (in its entirety).

Closures are in effect from approximately 8:00 a.m. to dusk on Sundays and Statutory Holidays commencing Sunday of the May long weekend and ending Monday of the October long weekend with the onset of inclement weather. Barricades are placed at the ends of each closed section as well as intermittently at the intersections of a number of cross streets along the route. Vehicular traffic is permitted to use the closed street to the nearest intersecting street. 


  • Assiniboine Parkway Links the Charleswood Bridge to the St. James Overpass
  • Assiniboine Forest is a large forest running South of Corydon Ave, North of Wilkes Ave, West of Shaftesbury and East of Chalfont Rd.
  • Northeast Pioneers Greenway is a new bike/walking path between Gateway & Raleigh from Knowles to Nairn.
  • Seine River Trail  goes from Provencher Boulevard South to Bertrand Street
  • Kavanagh Park is located North of Kavanagh Street at Seine River
  • Lyndale Drive runs from Norwood Bridge to St. Mary’s Road
  • St. Vital Park  is located at 190 River Road
  • Churchill Drive covers the Forks to Mulvey Avenue and Brandon to Cockburn Street
  • Kil-Cona / Harbourview Recreation Complex  is located at 1867 Springfield Road
  • Kildonan Park  runs along the Red River and is located at 2015 Main St..
  • Little Mountain  is west of Brookside Blvd. and Jefferson Ave.
  • Waterfront Drive  has pathways that run from Provencher to Higgins Ave.

If you enjoy Winnipeg’s trails, you might also be interested in the Trans Canada Trail

  • Trans Canada Trail is a 18,000 kilometer recreational corridor that makes its way through Winnipeg as well as every Province and territory in Canada, linking 800 communities along its route. When completed, this will be the longest trail of its kind in the world, connecting our regions, our three oceans and our people in a new way for generations to come. Click here for a searchable map to find the area of this trail closest to you.

To learn about the best walks in the city and surrounding parks, read Winnipeg Walks by Prairie Pathfinders. An Illustrated guide with full color detailed maps and photographs, this book can be found in most Winnipeg book stores. You can also order this book by visiting the Prairie Pathfinders web site at


While a wide variety of activities are encouaged on our trails and pathways, you can show respect for others by following this trail user’s code:

  • Stay to the right and watch for others
  • Keep trails clean
  • Keep pets on a leash
  • Do not use Motorized vehicles on trails
  • Show respect and protect our natural resources
  • Understand that trails are prone to seasonal flooding and freezing

If you notice a trail/pathway light burnt out, broken or missing, please call 311