Winnipeg is proudly known as “the cultural cradle of Canada” and is a home to an array of talented artists, significant architectures, great musicians and athletes and lots of cultural events and festivities. The local residents of Winnipeg are very friendly and giving. They are sincere and easy to reach out to. It’s one of the cheapest cities to live in, in Canada.

The north end of the city of Winnipeg originally was a home to many eastern European and Jewish working class families, who created a rich and multifaceted culture and boast the economy in the early 20th century. It also served as a home to many Ukrainians, Germans, Russians, poles and many others. Life was hard then in terms of inadequate housing, poor wages and poor infrastructure. Post World War 2, the north went through a tremendous change with the growing suburbanization. Many located to the suburbs and other parts leaving behind those who couldn’t move leading to poor economic conditions thereby leading to a big slump in businesses and a decline in social and cultural life.