Winnipeg is proudly known as “the cultural cradle of Canada” and is a home to an array of talented artists, significant architectures, great musicians and athletes and lots of cultural events and festivities. The local residents of Winnipeg are very friendly and giving. They are sincere and easy to reach out to. It’s one of the cheapest cities to live in, in Canada. 

North & East Kildonan

North & East Kildonan is two small beautiful parts of Winnipeg. They were earlier parts of the Parish of Kildonan, which were formed part of the Red River Settlement. In 1914, the Parish was separated into East and West Kildonan, with the Red River acting as the boundary. Today the two residential neighbourhoods are home to a variety of family-friendly restaurants and commerce. The approximate boundaries of North Kildonan are the Red River to the west; Cox Boulevard to the east; Glen way Avenue and Knowles Avenue to the north; and Springfield Road, McCleod Avenue and Leighton Avenue to the south. It is located 3.4 Km from downtown and 13 Km from the airport.

Garden City

Garden City is located in the northern part of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This suburban area was developed in 50’s and 60’s and the place has many historic memories attached to it. The Battle of Seven Oaks in 1816 took place in this very place which leads to merger of fur trading rivals: Hudson’s Bay Company and the Northwest Company. This makes Garden City a place of tourist attraction. Garden City is located in between Matheson Avenue, Leila Avenue, Mcphillips Street and the railway tracks. It is 8.4 Km from downtown and 12 Km from the airport.