Saint Boniface

Saint Boniface is a subdivision of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in 1818 by group of French Missionaries. Since then it has become a center of French-Canadian Roman Catholic cultural and religious life. It is also the birth place of Louis Riel, the Metis leader who founded Manitoba. Saint Boniface lives up to its French heritage. It came to be known as a city in 1908. Since it is a French Community, it has often been a center of controversies to preserve the French Canadian language and heritage within Manitoba.


Experience the wonderful beauty of Transcona, a suburb of Winnipeg that is located 10 kms east of the downtown area. It is mainly a residential area for the working class and comprises no heavy industries as the area is not much associated with commercial purposes but some light industries are situated here.

North & East Kildonan

North & East Kildonan is two small beautiful parts of Winnipeg. They were earlier parts of the Parish of Kildonan, which were formed part of the Red River Settlement. In 1914, the Parish was separated into East and West Kildonan, with the Red River acting as the boundary. Today the two residential neighbourhoods are home to a variety of family-friendly restaurants and commerce. The approximate boundaries of North Kildonan are the Red River to the west; Cox Boulevard to the east; Glen way Avenue and Knowles Avenue to the north; and Springfield Road, McCleod Avenue and Leighton Avenue to the south. It is located 3.4 Km from downtown and 13 Km from the airport.